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After Absinth was legalized, a small group of clandestine distillers to which I belong, founded a cooperative society on the 23rd of March 2005: "The craftsmen of the Absinth". I've decided to invest myself to continue this recently legalized tradition.

As my in-laws were clandestine distillers, I've learned to know bit by bit the Myth of the "Green fairy". My father in law, specialist since several years, learned me all his secrets of the distilling and the mix of the plants.
My objective is to make quality Absinths in the artisanal way with respect to the traditions. To obtain this, I'm using small copper stills, which I make myself.

Just like it has been done in the past, the distilling is done by direct fire on the still to allow the vapors to extract a maximum of perfume of each plant.

My recipies are a subtle mixture of ten aromatic plants of which naturally the big woodworm of my region: "Val-de-Travers".

All this knowledge and an unmodified recipe of the sixties makes it possible to obtain quality Absinths, and this in complete legality.
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