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Absinthe la Fée Vallonne 100 cl

La Fée Vallonne

Produced illegaly since years, "La Fée Vallonne" hasn't been modified when the drink could finally step into the spotlight.

The recipe consist of ten plants, several of them are grown in Val-de-Travers.

A balanced and harmonious Absinth with a round taste. When water is added to the product, it develops the richness of its flavours.

Alcohol 53% vol

Sold in bottles of 100cl, 50cl, 10cl

Absinthe 53% vol

Absinth 53% vol

To complete my range of products, this Absinth has been created in 2008.

It's balanced mixture counts 12 plants of which several are grown in Val-de-Travers.

High quality Absinth made from artisanal distilling, the recipe was made in the mythic years.

Pleasant taste and well structured composition with a characteristic, slightly bitter taste, typical for Absinth.

Alcohol 53% vol

Sold in bottles of 75 cl
Absinthe 68% vol

Absinth 68% vol

Created especially for persons who like strong Absinths, she's made with the same recipe as the 53 % vol. Absinth. It varies only by the greater percentage of alcohol.

With water added to it, it's carefully selected flavours develop.

Alcohol 68% vol

Sold in bottles of 75 cl

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